Monday, April 4, 2011

The Big Day

It was a great day Saturday, the weather was awesome and the birthday boy was in good spirits!  He started the morning with a new haircut!
As I said last time I was working on decor, the banner was put together and we grew wheat grass to make little farm scenes for the tables.
Goodie bags were stenciled and sewn and filled with farm treats for the kiddies.

Even our gift went with the theme!

He is a big fan of his uncle!

He loves glasses so these special glasses from nannie were a big hit!

Had to sneak a taste.

My special cowboy, everyone got hats and bandanas for the occasion.  As Andy said, a bear is an animal too, just not as fitting as the cows and pigs.

Being an aunt is the best job in the world, I get to spoil him rotten, jack him up with sugar then I go home!

And I couldn't have the best nephew in the world without the best sister in the world (ok so she's my only sister!)  We've had our moments like any sister, but giving me an awesome nephew makes up for her short comings!  Looking forward to the next event.


Leontien said...

It looks great! i love the flowerpot with the "grass" and the cow!

Thanks for sharing

ann said...

Glad all worked out the way you wanted Looks like a lot of fun for the nephew

Lana said...

Awesome party! A farmer's dream. Can you come plant some grass for me? I have big spots in desperate need of attention!

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