Monday, April 4, 2011

The Big Day

It was a great day Saturday, the weather was awesome and the birthday boy was in good spirits!  He started the morning with a new haircut!
As I said last time I was working on decor, the banner was put together and we grew wheat grass to make little farm scenes for the tables.
Goodie bags were stenciled and sewn and filled with farm treats for the kiddies.

Even our gift went with the theme!

He is a big fan of his uncle!

He loves glasses so these special glasses from nannie were a big hit!

Had to sneak a taste.

My special cowboy, everyone got hats and bandanas for the occasion.  As Andy said, a bear is an animal too, just not as fitting as the cows and pigs.

Being an aunt is the best job in the world, I get to spoil him rotten, jack him up with sugar then I go home!

And I couldn't have the best nephew in the world without the best sister in the world (ok so she's my only sister!)  We've had our moments like any sister, but giving me an awesome nephew makes up for her short comings!  Looking forward to the next event.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Preparations

My sincere apologies for my time away.  I have been blogging in my mind and taking pics, just haven't got the time to get it all down in writing so I am going to stretch this topic to make it count!

The nephew turns 2 on Saturday so my sister enlisted my help.  I enjoy being crafty and it helps that I work for a farming organization so I have great material to work with. 

For Christmas I made banners, so she asked that I make a birthday banner.

I used the Cricut to make my own stencils.  First cut triangles out of burlap, then stencil your letters one per triangle.

I use old newspaper to lay all the parts out to dry, it was a nice sunny day so it took no time!

Once all the letters were dry I rip material and sew the triangles to the material.  Very simple and prim looking.  We will hang these one on top of the other for a layer effect.  Actual party photos to come later!

Next we needed goody bags, not plastic here, I cut muslin squares.

Again, made my own stencils, this time our goody bags are going to be feed sacks since this is a farm party.  I mixed cows and pigs on all the bags.

An almost finished product, I stenciled before sewing so I could lay them flat and not have paint soak through.  I have cut twine that will tie the bags closed.  Items in the bags will include soy crayons, farm animal toys and cow tail candies!

Table decor will consist of bandannas and small galvanized buckets.  A few weeks ago I planted wheat seed in the buckets and have been trimming them.  I found little farm animals, wired their legs and stuck them in the wheat.  With plant markers I made a little farm sign for each bucket!  Photos to come later in part 2!!  Stay tuned!

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