Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall is in the air!

I love this time of year and and Halloween is one of my favorite times.  I love to get out decorations for Halloween and Christmas, it's like a treasure hunt, you forget what you had from the year before!

Thanks to Cris at Goodeness Gracious, I have been reintroduced to Gooseberry Patch.  They asked fans to post their favorite decor or recipes so I wanted to share some of my favorites.

This is my newest purchase, and had I had time would have been an idea I would have recreated!  It is so simple, torn strips of orange fabric, sew on triangles of black burlap and stencil on your letters.  You can spell out anything you would like.  It looks prim and the perfect item for this opening!  I'll create my own for Christmas.

The lanterns and crows are actually full time decor, just added the pumpkins.  I like to burn candles, but feel so much better about it if they are contained.  This is a good idea if you have pets or kids!

I love to carve pumpkins, but decided a couple of year ago to invest in one that stays the way it looked at the begining of the season to the end of the season!  Looks great with a candle in the evening.

Jack on a raven is one of my favorite pieces, by artist Dan DiPaolo.  The base reads "Jack gave a grin as he flew out of sight, on the wings of a raven on Halloween night."

Jack with a corn stalk is another piece from Dan DiPaolo.  I also like the kitty dressed as a chocolate kiss.

"Trixie" is the green witch, yet another Dan PiPaolo piece.  She and the light up Halloween sign came from TJ Maxx, you never know what you will find, as their slogan goes, never the same store twice!

Our pergola project continues, but I had to add some fall outside.  These tin pumpkins were a great addition to the shelf and really went nicely with the new shutters.

So take some time in the coming weeks and enjoy the bounty that fall has to offer!


Mandie said...

Cute decorations! I love T.J. Maxx and their decorations!

Leah @ Beyer Beware said...

How adorable! Congrats on your big win!

the country cook said...

Congrats! I love your decorations. I've only got one little Halloween decoration - I guess I need to step it up! :-) -

Cris @ Goodeness Gracious said...

Congrats!!! Such cute decorations :) I just heart your style.

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