Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Taste From Indiana Farms

Three days of free food, what could be better!  Over 1,500 folks came through yesterday to get a taste of what agriculture provides and they are walking away with some facts they didn't know.  Such as marshmallows are a pork by product!  Or how much milk the average dairy cow produces.  Here is a photo tour of what you can do.  We are here 11-5 Wednesday and 11-4:30 Thursday. 
District 3 serving cheese curds from Fair Oaks Dairy

District 8 serving pepperoni and marshmallows - promoting pork and by products

District 2 serving lamb

District 10 representing vegetables

Illiana Watermelon Association serving fresh Indiana Watermelon

Dow Agro Sciences promoting their new Omega 9 oils and serving popcorn

Indiana State Beekeepers Association giving taste of honey

Foremost Farms serving cheese cubes

Carley Elk Farm serving elk summer sausage

District 4 serving soy butter, a great substitute for those that can't eat peanuts

District 5 serving beef summer sausage from Boone County

District 6 is serving licorice.  Yes it is a farm product, have you seen all the grains that are in the candy you eat?

Indiana Goat Association serving goat brauts

District 1 serving duck. Indiana is the #1 producer of duck in the nation.

District 9 serving Red Gold Salsa

District 7 serving fruit juices

National Kidney Foundation to check your blood pressure.
We hope you can join us!


Lana said...

We should have gone through the whole line after we finished serving, but we didn't want to wait the 45-60 minutes to do it ;-) It was a fun time watching people's faces when their cheese "squeaked!" Hee Hee!

Ott, A. said...

so glad to see Lamb was represented. And some additional trivia information for you. Indiana ranks 2nd in tomatoes grown for processing and 6th in Watermelon production.

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